About Us

How we started

The Villa-Mode Group was established in the year 1986 in Hong Kong when two ambitious individuals, Mr. Deepak Chhugani and Mr. Sunil Chhugani collectively decided to provide better-exporting solutions.

Our HO and Presence

With headquarters set up in the global financial capital, Hong Kong, we spread out globally to cater to a much wider clientele. We have our branches spread in regions of China, India, Kenya, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, and Burkina Faso.

What we do …

The Villa-Mode Group has all-round expertise in exporting Chemicals, Food Commodities, Furniture and Construction Material. We have built an association with credible vendors from all around the world to provide the best quality exporting solutions. Since its successful establishment, Villa-Mode Group has diversified to export a dynamic range of products. We export food commodities such as Rice, Sugar, Palm Oil, Condensed Milk, Evaporated Milk, Tomato Paste, Pasta and many more commodities that are in huge demand. Moreover, we also export chemicals that are constantly needed in the Textile, Cosmetic, Candle, Rubber, Soap and Detergent Industries, Food & Beverages.

Additionally, we export finely Crafted Furniture that has undergone quality carpentry for Hotels, Offices, Houses and Schools. We also do Building and Construction materials, such as Deformed Steel Bars, Roofing Sheets and many other sturdy materials. The products are procured from India, China, Europe & South East Asia and Africa are exported globally. Although we have a huge range of export products, we never compromise on the quality that will be delivered to our valuable clients.

Our Experience and Long Terms Business Association

The Directors, Mr. Deepak Chhugani and Mr. Sunil Chhugani have a substantial 40 and 35 years of experience, respectively. They have traveled extensively to India, China, Taiwan, Europe, Africa & South East Asia on business tours and with careful communication and unstoppable approach were able to spread their wings worldwide. Due to constant traveling, the brothers were able to understand different country norms to conceptualize their business accordingly and build strong customer networks.

The Villa-Mode Group assures complete dedication and commitment to customer service.It has sustained in the vast market for over 30 years by providing unmistakable services, surpassing client expectations, and expanding the market base gradually. We believe in delivering products and services that are reliable and enhances the company’s reputation.

We also believe in molding ourselves under the desired market conditions and want to prevail in a peaceful working correlation with our business partners. We have always adhered to our Ethics and Principles and intend to practice the same in our future endeavors with 2nd and 3rd Generation Clients.